Power of Books

Posted: 3rd May 2014 by EricBierker in Uncategorized


Back in college I began to seriously reading. I was searching for answers like a starving man for bread. Above is my Book Hall of Fame. These books inspired me to persevere, to not lose hope, to imagine better things. Our inward convictions become to some degree our external realities.

These books were good friends when I had difficulties in relating to people. I could put them down and pick them up without them judging me

More than ever students come to me with existential “why” questions. I am not sure what is afoot. Maybe it is because our world is more adrift than ever and the turbulence is bringing concerns to the surface like seas that churn and expectorate into the air what is in the deep.

I am convinced that if this generation is able to escape the horrible trap of reading for some standardized test where may know much but understand little, then books may make a return from the graveyard.

I am getting some good reviews from my students at school about my book. I beg them to tell me the truth about what they think. I am sure some of them won’t tell me their internal thoughts regardless of my invocations for them to do so, I trust that most of them will be forthright.



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