Welcome to CTG!

Welcome to the College Transition Group!

CTG was created in 1997 to help students graduate from college, not just go to college. Working as an Outreach Counselor for two years with college freshmen (while earning my Master’s in School Counseling) showed me the lack of adequate preparation of students going to college. Academics is certainly one piece of the puzzle, but it isn’t the only issue. Success can be taught.

It is a simple mission actually although succeeding in college is far from simple. Today, things are more complicated than ever. As a high school counselor with 30 years of experience on the high school and college levels, I know what I am speaking about. I also spent 8 years researching the college transition and related issues in earning my Ph.D. from Temple University in Educational Psychology in 2010. I work daily with high school students to help them plan for their future and know their struggles and successes personally.

It is OK to be stressed about all of it. To have questions. To wonder if you are going to make it. Too many students hide from these questions, hoping that avoidance makes them go away. It is an exciting experience to go away to college but it does not mean that it will always be enjoyable. Hard things often impose costs and doesn’t it make sense to prepare ahead of time for the challenges coming?

Don’t avoid asking the hard questions because avoiding addressing the questions don’t make them disappear. The questions need answers, real answers, from people like me dedicated to helping you do your best work in the most prepared way possible.  Succeeding in college should be hard, but hard in a good way: That you pushed yourself to get more out of the experience, like climbing a mountain.

Hence, the theme for my book:


The rap on this generation is that you don’t like to read. I think it is more that you haven’t been given books that relate directly to your life. I worked hard to write the book I wish I had been given as a high school student rather than having to learn all of my lessons the hard way. Books are just a way to negotiate life’s journey wisely, to get advice about how to stay on track, even though we all travel our own path.

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Let me know if I can help you on your climb! Be Imaginative!

Eric Bierker, Ph.D., Owner of College Transition Group