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Rebuilding the Ivory Tower Brick By Brick

Posted: 14th June 2014 by EricBierker in Uncategorized
Cambridge, Massachusetts; Home to Harvard University

  A very important and lucid essay about the crippling costs of college here is based on the documentary Ivory Tower and was recently published. In the article, perhaps the best I have seen on the topic of college costs, the author and documentarian detail why expenses of the Ivory Tower have grown more exponentially that any […]

Camus @ Commencement

Posted: 16th May 2014 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

There is a term making the rounds of the high school recently. I have heard it used in several different contexts and conversations. It is not a common phrase typically bandied about in a high school like OMG, TMI, PDA, and LOL . It is “Existential Crisis.” EC for short. I am not sure where it originated, […]

Power of Books

Posted: 3rd May 2014 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

Back in college I began to seriously reading. I was searching for answers like a starving man for bread. Above is my Book Hall of Fame. These books inspired me to persevere, to not lose hope, to imagine better things. Our inward convictions become to some degree our external realities. These books were good friends when I […]

It Is Finished!

Posted: 17th December 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

Pleased to announce that the book is finally out of the oven and ready to be consumed like Christmas chocolate chip cookies. It took quite some time for the dough to bake. Even though I have read the book too many times to count, I still find the message inspiring and it tasty to my […]

Book Update

Posted: 10th November 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

I have made the mistake of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” once too often. My version has been crying that the book is ready. Wrong. Unlike the boy who deliberately deceived the townfolk for amusement, my announcements were well-intended yet premature. Facebook friends, at least five times, have heard me blow that done horn. I have […]

I Swear, The Book Is Coming

Posted: 29th September 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

Swearing, for sure. Just when I think the book is ready to go, I have another wave of revisions. I feel like the Boy that cried Wolf. The Boy who cried Book. Tsunami editing… This last wave was the result of a book store owner graciously taking the time to read the book and provide […]

Predicting College Success

Posted: 1st August 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

  I came from a family where my parents were college-educated. I went to a high school where 90% of the students attended four year colleges. In other words, I had two highly influential variables in my favor for completing college. Studies like this pretty much state the obvious. I guess it takes an official research project to […]

Book Hard Copy is Published!

Posted: 15th June 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized
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Yesterday, I just decided to damn the torpedoes and publish the book on Lulu. It actually was a lot easier than I thought. Just do it yourself. Says I, until I see what I screwed up. I hope not. The draft hard copy is to arrive in a couple of days. My computer skills are probably better than some […]

Information Please

Posted: 14th November 2010 by EricBierker in Uncategorized

Generally, it is good to collect information about college and separate the wheat from the chaff later. It is always easier to discard than to find so if you have a bunch of useless material, websites, etc., just jettison them. But, be careful, there could be nuggets of gold in the dirt so keep your […]