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College Degrees & Dollars

Posted: 29th May 2011 by EricBierker in Careers

One of the equations in education that students in schools are taught is more education = more money. More Benjamins. Statistically, that has been shown to be a fact. Climb the ladder of education, more dollars bills await as a rule. That has been true in the past; it might not be so in the […]

Drexel University Smart House

Posted: 23rd January 2011 by EricBierker in Careers

I ┬áknow that it has been a while since I posted to the College Transition Group Blog. My goal is to post something of interest weekly. I came across this link about Drexel University’s The Smart House. Wow, this should be what college is all about…not the current emphasis on parties and drinking and football […]

Debt = Death

Posted: 31st October 2010 by EricBierker in Careers

Derek Melleby from CPYU does a good service in writing about debt and the college student. Like most things college, the roots of the problem arise out of the family of origin and prior experiences before college. There is an old adage to not borrow money on anything that depreciates in value….cars, clothes, food, etc. […]