It Is Finished!

Posted: 17th December 2013 by EricBierker in Uncategorized


Pleased to announce that the book is finally out of the oven and ready to be consumed like Christmas chocolate chip cookies. It took quite some time for the dough to bake.

Even though I have read the book too many times to count, I still find the message inspiring and it tasty to my literary tongue. Here is why: It is not about me. I did a lot of work to find others who have achieved great things to be part of the  book. It only made sense because people who achieve legitimate success often have a credibility that is hard to contest. Like Steve Jobs or J.K. Rowling.

I think my contribution was locating these voices and their specific observations. We are in an age of “Information Overload” and it takes a lot of prospecting to find the gold amongst so much chattering dross. I did a lot of work to identify key insights from others as well as incorporate my own observations about a topic at hand. I am very pleased that the book is finished. Very difficult experience of many different levels. It was really discouraging at times. But, I would have even been more discouraged to not bring the book to fruition.

In life, I have learned, disappointment is a given. Success is perhaps choosing the manner of disappointment one is willing to endure to achieve a greater goal, rather being to being subjected to the vagaries of low-achievement. In other words, you get to pick your pain if you step-up, rather than pain being a force that imposes itself on you regardless of ultimate purpose. I find mere suffering to be suicidal, whereas intentional embracing of the difficult for a greater good, to be ultimately spiritually uplifting.

I had a brief Facebook conversation with a former student on Facebook Sunday night. She wants to publish a book, so another former student directed her my way. I am finding more of my former students are looking me up on Facebook. I consider it an honor that they are letting me into their world. She paid me a tremendous compliment to the effect that I was a “great guidance counselor.” It was unsolicited–no fishing on my part. I really appreciated that.

I concluded our back-and-forth that “sacrifice is spiritual.” Difficulties can be an indication that a work is necessary. Imperative. God save us from the easy road, for it can be more dangerous and treacherous than any other route. The road to destruction is often just a descent slowly into a rut that step-by-step strangulates hope slowly. Die on the high road. It a great place to take off to heaven from.

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