On Hold

Posted: 15th May 2011 by EricBierker in Overview of College

The book I have written about the College transition called On the Edge: Helping Students Transition Imaginatively to College is now in the hands of a superbly gifted high school English teacher. Two college English professors have already read the book and provided feedback. Now, it his turn.

There will be a look going on in the next month or two with preparing for the publication of the book, the promotion of the book, and the launching of the College Transition Group website…so I do think it best to chill on the blogs for a bit. Sometimes a certain past blog post will capture a lot of attention and then I feel like I have to write something new to keep people engaged. But. wisdom would suggest that I wait until some of the larger projects come to fruition before resuming the blog. So, that is the plan for now.

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