OK, I was going to take a break for a bit on the CTG blog. But yesterday, for some mysterious reason, I had more visitors come to the blog than ever before. I have nary a clue why. Maybe it is one of those paradoxical things that when we let something go, it starts to fly more freely. I don’t think my posting on the book I am writing was any more wise or profound as compared to what I have previously composed. But, based on the response recently, I think it unwise to hibernate.

I read one time a John Maxwell quote where he said something like, “A person who think he is a leader but has no one following, is just taking a walk.” This is analogous to writing a blog. A blog only has importance if people are actually reading it. Generally, I try to put some thought into what I write so that others’ will consider it worth their time to read. Based on what I am seeing, the people are speaking.

I want to share one last thing that I told a student today. The difference between success and failure is the difference between making smart sacrifices versus non-smart sacrifices. Ponder this…I am sure you can come up with some real life applications. My Ph.D. in Educational Psychology was a smart sacrifice but never doubt that it was very hard and at times purely harsh…8 long years, 90 credits, classes in Philadelphia, over $ 75,000 dollars of our own money spent. Saturdays gone for almost a decade.┬áThis CTG blog appears to be a smart sacrifice.

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