The Dream of College

Posted: 22nd February 2011 by EricBierker in Overview of College

Sorry about missing my Saturday weekly posting deadline. When this blog has an average daily readership of one, maybe I should contact people individually. Ah, the glory of it all.

My friend Derek Melleby from College Transition Initiative posted this video titled “Oh, The Places You’ll Actually Go,” a play, and dark one at that, on Dr. Seuss.  It basically tells the tale of young people like the young man who dream of big things and who instead experience the realities of being small. “You’re mediocre” the video intones. Get used to being a nobody. Perhaps this is an reactionary antidote to the everyone is special and all get a trophy ethos that kids have been raised with in our society.

The truth, as my dad says, is that not everyone can play first base for the Yankees. Yet, it is possible to live with purpose, meaning, and  love, despite the lack of applause and accolades. How?…Help others, even if you are not paid a six-figure salary to do so.  I think this blog says it well. While this writer of the blog entry is referencing the tendency in evangelical churches of thinking that bigger is better, the message of the Gospel actually values the least, the left out, the alone, the kid eating by himself in the lunchroom.

As a school counselor, I try to have kids who are feeling less than popular to be a friend to the friendless and hope to the hopeless. Taking eyes off of oneself and looking to help others is the cure for much low self-esteem preoccupation. Get a better occupation. Others!

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